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I'm Justin

Interests: God, Family, Friends, Digital Marketing, Gym, Surfing, Biking, Outdoors

After graduating from the University of Missouri I moved to Calabasas, CA to peruse a career in video game programming. After spending roughly, a year in the video game testing industry I decided it was time to make a career move and acquired a job building and marketing websites for real estate agents. This was a very lucrative and challenging indsutry in the Los Angeles area and I was instantly addicted. After a few years I branched out of the real estate industry and worked with larger corporations to search engine optimize their website and execute paid strategies for thme.

I have since had the pleasure to work with numerous clients around the world in all industries. There is no other work as rewarding as the digital marketing field and I hope to be in the field for the remainder of my career. Of course, while I’m not at a computer working on an online marketing strategy I prefer to be in the ocean where I find great peace.

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